What skills to put on a resume

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It is clear that any manager who wants to see his future employee wants to see only a professional and the most suitable candidate. Recently, among many personnel experts, there is an apparent contradiction in the question of whether to write about personal qualities in your resume at all. Some argue that it is not necessary and sufficient to go through professional skills and abilities, but others deny this decision, suggesting that some managers put them on par and judge the candidate in general, realizing that a person is able to self-assess himself.

It is recommended to adhere to the following rules when compiling a resume and specifying your personal qualities:

  • When specifying personal attributes, you need to remember that there should not be more than 5 of them.
  • It is important to indicate them in such a way that they directly respond to the position to which the person applies.
  • Reduce the level of humor to zero and maintain a sufficiently hidden tone in the description.
  • Identify your need and utility. It is straightforward to do. You just have to present yourself as a potential employer and decide what qualities you want to see when you hire such an employee.

From the most common personal qualities in the resume, you can specify: accuracy, activity, politeness, attentiveness, high performance, initiative, goodwill, diligence, creativity, reliability, perseverance, optimism, decency, punctuality, composure, justice, hard work, self-confidence teamwork, honesty, energy, sense of humor.

Again, you should not write long texts and sentences, describing the story from birth to today. Everything is done briefly and on the topic.

You should not contact your potential leader with the words “You should”, it is better to use the conjunctive mood.

One of the essential points is that you need to control yourself, talk about your former colleagues or management, especially using aggressive forms. This will make you think negatively about your candidacy.

Many experts advise to talk about their individual abilities and turn to resistance to stress and performance. Specific examples of such cover letters can often be found on the Internet. Yo conclusion, re-building is really easy, and you just need to know some tips.