What should a resume look like

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How to describe education and experience

Education and experience are blocks that can change places. Different recruiters have different priorities. But more often the education is still placed before the experience.

In the section of primary education indicate universities and specialties. If you graduated from a technical college before a university, you should not write it. And the more you do not need to specify the school. The list of additional education will be useful any training that relate to job responsibilities.

The experience is described in reverse chronology from the present to the past. You need to specify only relevant experience, and student barter job is extra information in the resume of a marketer or creative director. Even the experience on the topic should not necessarily be written. Leave the last and the penultimate place of work, and only the most significant from a previous experience like high positions, well-known brands.

Long breaks in experience cause alertness, so they are best explained by decree, health, family circumstances. But this is relevant only for those cases when a break occurred between two positions. Maternity leave, from which you returned to your previous position, is not necessary to indicate.

Recruiters pay special attention to dates in the experience section. Those positions in which the applicant has worked for less than two years, do not produce the best impression. It seems that a person cannot keep at work. The employee begins to bring tangible benefits to the company only after a year so that it is better not to specify shorter experience at all. If you have changed several positions within one company or have been engaged in project activities with several customers, then it is better to combine these stages so that they visually look like one. And in the description, you can specify the details.

A small life hack: even if you are looking for a job after being fired, leave the end date open in the last place. There is always the possibility that the applicant would write a resume before being fired, and then did not update it.