How to write a resume summary

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Before proceeding with the development, it will be useful to find out what in the resume of the candidate pay attention to, first of all, staff managers, recruiters and employers. According to a survey conducted by the Orange County Resume Survey, it is:

  • previous experience (45%);
  • qualifications / skills (35%);
  • the convenience of reading/perception of information (25%);
  • achievements, benefits, projects (16%);
  • spelling and grammar (14%);
  • education (9%);
  • clear target (3%);
  • keywords (2%);
  • contact information (1%).

Then you have to decide which type of resume you are looking for – chronological, functional or combined.

The chronological summary describes your jobs in chronological order, starting with the last. It is suitable for those who are looking for work in a familiar field, have a lot of experience and strives for career growth.

A functional resume focuses on your skills, skills and achievements, not on the workplace. This option is suitable for those with little experience, who often change jobs and do not want to attract attention, as well as those who want to change the scope or return to the labor market after a break.

Combined summary combines the benefits of chronological and functional and includes a description of skills and a list of workplaces. They are considered to be the most effective. Divide and combine your experience (depending on the job you are applying for), combine your skills with the companies in which you received them, and focus on measurable indicators.

Structure and design

When writing a resume, it’s essential to stick to a specific structure so that the information is clear, organized and easy to read. We recommend sending it in PDF so that there is no problem opening the file.

Write simple sentences with 5-7 words and avoid deep abbreviations. Be sure to break the text into paragraphs and select a clear font. To highlight headers, use italics or bold. Remember that the size of a resume should not exceed two pages.

A great advantage, especially for representatives of the creative industry, will be graphic design. This is a way to demonstrate your creativity right away. Be sure to add a photo if asked by your employer.